Yellowing leaves

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Yellowing leaves

Post by Brian Millar » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:31 am

This year I haven't placed a giant amount of time on my own personal garden, but I have built quite a few raised garden beds for others regardless. I've seen a lot of the same issues people this year are facing as well, yellowing leaves, and this wasn't something many were used to dealing with. The changes in temperatures and humidity have affected things, so one has to adjust a couple of things "and here is where portable gardening is helpful with", the plants are getting either too much sun and not enough moisture, or too much moisture and not enough sun. Nutrients are the second take to focus upon, but I found it was necessary to relocate my plants to limit the amount of direct sunlight they get and be a bit more on top of it water wise in order to remedy my own yellowing leaf problems this year.

Next year I will be taking things a bit more seriously upon my own, but for now getting the word out there that shading is now something to look into along other factors, this will help insure your crops come out better.

Sharing a prior year's hay bale gardening in a raised garden bed I built out of reclaimed lumber as well.
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Re: Yellowing leaves

Post by Shane05 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:29 pm

Much obliged you for sharing such beautiful gardening insights yellow leaves are kind of heart for nay garden.

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