About Us

This is a collective of inspired gardeners that range from just learning the ropes to seasoned veterans who share in the same positive community spirit. Our members range from simply having a small hobby to some like myself in the industry catering to it for a living and others in between. This is about overall family friendly, positive community and as it grows becoming a go-to place for all for most of your gardening or raised beds needs.

Sharing the founders web site below that can be explored, keeping this place ad free from the beginning and showing something of an operation that has heart and gives back to the community.


Also sharing the amazing Facebook club and community that inspired this forum to be created in the first place.


Also pointing to the Archive of the web site that originated that as well.

https://web.archive.org/web/20180307061 ... dbeds.net/

This forum is not only an addition to what has been, but is taking it to new levels upon. The legacy continues and our members are testimony to it, both here and with the social media based community.